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Brazil is the land of marvelous beaches, carnivals, soccer, coffee, and of course, the Amazon rainforest. Add to the list great people, cities, and a mix of different wonderful cultures and you would do anything to be in Brazil. The tourists are mostly seen at Rio de Janerio, the Fernando de Noronha Island, Sao Paulo, and Salvador. The city Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. The best time to visit Brazil is during the dry period from December to February. Rio carnival takes place usually in the month of February and you should not miss it at any cost.

Except for Chile and Ecuador, Brazil shares its border with all other nations of the South American continent.

There are various attractions here like the carnival in Brazil, which is a sight to behold. The people of Brazil come out onto the streets and have a blast. There is a lot of dancing on the streets, accompanying some great music being played out. The carnival begins 40 days before Easter. The carnival is the time when you will see Brazil at its colorful and decorative best.

If you take a flight to Brazil, you would, in all likelihood, land in the city of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. You can also reach Brazil by car, bus, boat or train, if you happen to be at any of its neighboring countries. English is not spoken by too many people in Brazil. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.

A few places of interest for the tourist are:

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Brazil Travel Map Brazil Travel Map

Getting In

Brazil is well linked with other parts of the world. Be it by flight, bus, train or car and boat, you will get all the options here.

The international airports in Brazil are located at São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Regular flights from Europe (Lisbon) connect to Recife, Fortaleza, Natal, and Salvador. The regional airports Belem and Manaus also have by flights from Miami, French Guiana, Suriname, and Guadeloupe. Direct flights operate from Sao Paulo and/or Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan and Zurich. You can also fly from North American cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York, Toronto, and Washington which are linked by daily flights. There are direct flights from South American as well as Asian countries.

The main routes which you can take to reach here by car are :

  • If you are coming from Uruguay then Chuy/Chuí, Bella Unión/Barra do Quaraí, Artigas/Quaraí, Aceguá/Aceguá, Río Blanco/Jaguarão, and between Rivera/Santana do Livramento
  • Paso de los Libres/Uruguaiana, Santo Tomé/São Borja, Bernardo de Irigoyen/Dionísio Cerqueira, Tobuna/Paraíso (Santa Catarina), Comandante Andresito/Capanema, and between Puerto Iguazu/Foz do Iguaçu is the route travelers from Argentina need to follow
  • If you are coming from Paraguay then Ciudad del Este/Foz do Iguaçu, Salto del Guaira/Guaíra, and between Pedro Juan Caballero/Ponta Porã
  • Travelers coming from Peru will have to cross borders at Iñapari/Assis Brasil
  • Letícia/Tabatinga for Columbian travelers
  • Santa Elena/Pacaraíma if you are arriving from Venezuela
  • Lethem/Bonfim is the border crossing from Guyana

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