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One of Portugal recent revealed secrets, Oporto is opening its doors to an increasing number of tourists and visitors every year. The city has unique features that combine different aspects: an important historic landmark, beach, river side, culture, great gastronomy and a vibrating night life. The city has the perfect size to walk by and a great transportation network. It’s population is known for being welcoming and generally nice and you will find an urban trendy atmosphere.

Places you can’t miss:


One of the most antique and traditional locations in the city, Ribeira occupies all the river side of Oporto area until you reach the sea line. It was considered Unesco World Heritage Site and it’s characterized for it’s typical houses and the wonderful view of Douro river.

Oporto wine cellars

Oporto wine is one of Portugal most well-known products and a visit to one of the main cellars in an opportunity you can’t miss. The cellars (in Portuguese “Caves”) are locate in Gaia and allow you to learn about the production process and have a small wine tasting.


Casa da Música

The Portuguese name states House of Music and is one of the most emblematic buildings in Oporto. It opened to the public in 2005 and the unique shape of the building is still a cause for mixed feelings among the city naturals.

Lello bookstore

One of the oldest bookshops in Portugal, Lello e Irmão it’s a piece of art inside Porto. The building is an impressive demonstration of Art Nouveu and it was considered in 2011 the third most amazing bookshop in the world by Lonely Planet

The Clérigos Church

The Clérigos Church is a Baroque church in the city of Porto, in Portugal. Its tall bell tower, the Torre dos Clérigos, can be seen from various points of the city and is one of its most characteristic symbols.
The church was built for the Brotherhood of the Clérigos by Nicolau Nasoni, an Italian architect and painter who left an extense work in the north of Portugal during the 18th century.


Foz do Douro

The place where the river and sea find each other, Foz in as impressive part of Porto. It is considered a rich part of the city, with a beautiful landmark and great terraces to enjoy the sea and the sun.


One of the cities surrounding Porto, Matosinhos is well known for the beach and the restaurants, where you can find fresh fish and enjoy Portuguese cosine. Matosinhos is mainly a fishing village, with a great sea line that surfers largely enjoy.

Douro bridges

Oporto has six bridges that connect the north side with Gaia and are an undeniable mark for the city. The oldest is Barcas bridge, built in 1806, but the D. Maria and D. Luís are probably the famous and remarkable ones.


Miguel Bombarda street

Home for the retro and cultural movement in Porto, this street is well known for it’s unique atmosphere and artistic environment. Is the right place tofind art galleries and bookshops and also the most trendy and irreverent shops.

Serralves Musuem

The architectural plans for the Serralves Museum were first drawn up in 1991 by the architect Alvaro Siza. The new building was finally inaugurated in 1999, harmoniously integrated within the surrounding urban area and the pre-existing spaces of the gardens of the Park and Villa.

A visit to the Museum always offers much more than the exhibitions alone. It’s also an opportunity to discover the particularities of each space within this architectural work, that has a strong organizational structure and great flexibility and transformational capacity, enabling it to respond to the diversity and unpredictab

Bolhão Market

Probably the most authentic place in Porto if you want to meet real “portuenses” (portuguese for people frrom Porto). Here smells and colors are incredible, especially combined with the old lady’s screaming about how good their fish and vegetables are!

Aliados Avenue

Home to Oporto City Hall, this great avenue and it’s historic buildings are something you can’t miss. A place that held’s great importance for all the inhabitants: all main events, since New Year till football championship or even strikes are held there.


Portuguese take their food very seriously and its one of the prides and joys of the country. Portuguese cosine is diversified and since you are in Oporto you have to taste “francesinha” – the emblematic dish made with meat, bread and a secret sauce.

So, if you are looking for a place that mixes all, you will have something worth your time in Oporto: nice weather (well, most times), good food, river, sea, historic meaning, great food and of course a vibrating nightlife! A city that is more than beautiful is charismatic and has all kind of secrets still to be revealed.

LivrariaLello9 IMG_2012 Matosinhos - Castelo do Queijo e Praia (p) porto_2010_luis_i_bridge

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