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Carneval in Rio de JaneiroBrazil is just as amazing as it is large. South America's largest country deserves all the time you can spare. There are wonderful people, superb beaches, the world's largest rainforest, amazing wildlife, beautiful cities, samba, football, and much, much more. Travel to Brazil with KILROY!

It's almost a given that your journey to Brazil should start in the country's most famous city, Rio de Janeiro. It can be tempting to stay in Rio forever since there is so much flavor and charm within its colorful neighborhoods and streets. But as you will soon discover, Brazil offers much more than just the Copacabana and carnaval.

As you leave Rio, you will discover that there is a new revelation hiding on every street corner, waiting to be discovered. Traveling by bus is by far the best and cheapest transportation method for visitors in Brazil. Plus, you will meet many kind and cheerful Brazilians this way. You will likely have fond memories of the wonderful people, just as you will remember the Copacabana, the Amazon, and Ilha Grande.

Ilha Grande - one of the world's most beautiful islands

Ilha Grande may be not be as well known as some of Brazil's other attractions, but the island, which lies a few hours southwest of Rio, is divinely beautiful. It has crystal clear, turquoise water and amazing beaches, each one more inviting than the last (Lopes Mendez Beach takes the prize, though). There is also a sumptuous, dark-green lushness everywhere, especially on the picturesque mountain slopes, which run almost directly down into the sea. There are no paved roads, almost no cars, and a superb ambiance of tropical seclusion and relaxation.

Amazon River in BrazilBeaches in Brazil

Continue your journey in Brazil on the mainland coast near Ilha Grande, which has many beautiful bays and colonial cities, such as Parati. On the other side of Rio lies the seaside resort of Buzios, a piece of heaven on earth. This never-ending coastline, which runs along the Atlantic Ocean, epitomizes Brazilian culture and lifestyle. The beaches are the country's vital rallying point, as you will find people there from sun-up to sun-down. Enjoy the day with your friends, watching the boys and men play football while waiters serve you cold beer, Caipirinhas, grilled shrimp, and refreshing fruit drinks. You will quickly fall in love with the beautiful singing of the Brazilian Portuguese language. Life really is a celebration when you are in Brazil.

If you need a change of scenery, the other cities in Brazil are lining up to win your heart. You can visit Salvador (with a carnaval celebration that is second only to Rio's), Recife, Olinda, Sao Luis and Belem. These cities are an indulgence of colors, smells, tastes and the sounds. The markets and colonial buildings are fascinating, and the streets and alleys are swarming with people of all shapes and sizes.

Jericoacoara - a secluded paradise

Do not leave the coast until you have visited the remote village of Jericoacoara between Sao Luis and Fortaleza. You can only reach it after a three hour trip in a four-wheel drive vehicle that takes you over sand dunes, beaches and rivers. This paradise makes you feel as if you are at the end of the world, as it is so peaceful, serene, and far from everything. But, don't worry, you will have the huge sand dunes and the wonderful beach to keep you company! In the evening, the cozy beach bars turn into excellent seafood restaurants that are as good and as cheap as anywhere else in Brazil. For truly unique entertainment, be sure not to miss out on a breakneck buggy or four-wheel drive tour through the steep sand dunes that characterize the area.

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