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Cities in Brazil to visit

With the spotlight on Rio during the Olympics, it’s easy to forget that Brazil has plenty of other destinations on offer.

Travel search comparison website, Kayak has revealed the top 10 Brazilian destinations Australian travellers are searching for.

1. São Paulo

São Paulo is Brazil’s most populated city and is a bustling metropolis filled with food, architecture, markets and museums. With so much to see and explore, it’s an easy place to get lost in the best of Brazilian culture; whether you’re into samba music and late nights on the dancefloor or cultured activities like visiting one of the city’s many art museums, such as MASP — the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo skyline, Brazil. Picture: iStock

2. Porto Alegre

Located on the bank of Rio Guaiba, Porto Alegre can be found in Brazil’s south close to the Uruguay border. The city’s lakeside location makes Porto Alegre an ideal place to hit the water and indulge in a river cruise while admiring the stunning sunset over the Rio Guaiba. If you really want to live like a local, you can also appreciate the view and mingle with Gauchos (people of Porto Alegre) on the river’s grassy banks. For a truly Porto-Alegrese experience, feast on churros and indulge in a beverage or two while you’re there.

The famous sunset over the Baia de Guaiba, as seen from the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil. Picture: iStock

3. Brasília

Rio de Janeiro may be Brazil’s most well-known city but it’s Brasilia that holds the coveted title of capital. Constructed in the 1960s, modern-day Brasilia was inspired by the writings of Italian monk Dom Bosco, who dreamt of a utopian city in the New World. Today, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, acclaimed for its architecture and artistic urban planning. Travellers should be sure to visit the city’s main Roman Catholic cathedral, Catedral Metropolitana, which features a unique avant-garde design unlike any cathedral on earth.

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