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Wales Portugal fThe Euro 2016 Semifinals are underway, as nearly a month of competition has come down to four of Europe’s best teams vying for the right to play for the championship trophy on this upcoming Sunday. Today’s matchup pits superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal against Ronaldo’s Real Madrid teammate Gareth Bale and Wales, who have been a major surprise package in this tournament.

However, the uniform matchup is a bit weird because both teams are wearing their clash kits. That means that Portugal is in green while Wales is in “charcoal.”

wales portugalSo, what gives? Why are they both wearing their clash kits when one team could wear red and it would be fine? Portugal is the designated home team, but their shade of red was considered to be too dark to be a suitable clash for Wales’ black kit, so Portugal had to wear green. But for some reason, Wales wasn’t allowed to wear their red shirt, so here we are. WalesOnline went into further detail:

For tonight’s match Portugal are on the home side of the draw – meaning that, in normal circumstances, they would be able to play in their predominantly red home kit in Lyon.

However, for this contest, the Portugese first-strip has been deemed to be too close in darkness to Wales’ charcoal and lime green away kit, and is considered to be a colour-clash.

Fernando Santos’ side will instead be wearing their light green away colours for tonight’s semi-final.

On top of that, it is understood Wales’ attempts to therefore wear their favoured red home strip have been blocked, although it is not known whether this was by UEFA or Portugal.

So the blame falls on either UEFA or Portugal here. It’s always strange to see two soccer teams wearing clash kits against each other — especially when common sense could have prevailed and Wales could’ve easily worn their red clash kits. But that isn’t happening, and instead we’ve got this weird uniform matchup going on.

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