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What to visit in Brazil?

Art Jungle Eco Lodge and Spa, Hidden Pousadas Brazil1. Bahian food – Fresh coconut water, coconut milk, fresh tropical fruits like Acaí, fresh Cacau, fresh fish, fresh seafood, fresh herbs combined with traditional Bahian recipes results in a delicious culinary experience. My favorite dish is Moqueca, moqueca, and more moqueca. Poached fish, shrimp, or Jaca fruit in fresh coconut milk, fresh spices, and dendê. This dish is usually served with Pirão which is made from the broth of the stew, manioc flour, plantains, rice, and salad. Mouth watering, nutritious and delicious.

2. Bahian culture– Itacaré is the perfect place to take a Capoeira, African dance, drumming, or Afro Brazilian cooking class. Holidays like New Year’s, Carnival, and Sao João (2nd largest countryfest in the world) are amazing cultural experience. There is also a tour that you can do to a model Quilombo (runaway slave communities) where you can eat traditional dishes, watch a dance show, and learn about the local cultural history.

3. Jeribucacú Beach Tour– One of the best day excursions. Hike through and old cacau plantation, swim in a waterfall and explore the mangroves before arriving at the beautiful Jeribucacú beach where you can order a delicious lunch and then relax all day on the beach.

Art Jungle Eco Lodge & Spa, Hidden Pousadas Brazil4. Canoe tours on the Rio das Contas – Travel by traditional dug out canoe for a few hours on the beautiful Rio das Contas. A local guide will paddle you (you can paddle if you like but they usually do the paddling for you!) down the river, through the mangroves to a beautiful set of waterfalls that you can swim in. There are also a few great restaurants along the river you can stop at for lunch.

5. Surfing– Surfers Paradise of Brazil. A perfect place for people of all levels of surf. There are great surf schools that cater to all levels and for the more advanced surfers will never want to leave. My favorite beach to surf at is Engenhoca!

6. Great Restaurants– Art Jungle Restaurant for Moqueca, Filet Mignon, or grilled fish in a banana leaf, Blue Moon for tapas, salads, entrees and cocktails, Manga Rosa for a good variety of delicious dishes, Estrela D’alva for big portions of local food, Casa da Taipa for buffet, Oasis for vegetarian enchilladas, Recanto Das Artes for Italian food, Naturalmente for anything vegetarian, El Turco for pizza, Blue House for New York style pizza and delicious deserts(Boteca da Villa and they have a Cacau plantation you can visit), Portal do Concha for lunch, Moto Sushi, the Bakery for amazing breads and sandwiches are a few of my favorite places to eat.

Itacare, Bahia, Hidden Pousadas Brazil7. Get fit and have fun– People leave Itacaré more healthy then when they came (most of the time). Why not start the day with a yoga class, then hike to a waterfall, go surfing, join a Capoiera class and then dance the night away at a Samba or Forro party or in the local bars Favela, Jungle, Blue Moon, or Corais?

8. Peace & Relaxation– The biodiversity and beauty of the Atlantic rain forest and the serenity and beauty of the surrounding ocean combined with the relaxed attitude of Bahia makes this place #1 for relaxation and a perfect place to come and recharge your batteries, become grounded, and rest. There are spas, massage therapists, yoga teachers, and alternative healers flooding this place. This lifestyle is really the way to go. Don’t be surprised if you end up extending your stay in Itacaré or if you end up staying forever… that’s what happened to me!

9. Ecolibrium Sustainable Adventures/Ecolibrium Turismo Sustentavel– Contact this tourism company to help you organize your tours, classes, or travel plans to and around Brazil. They offer guided tours in and around Itacare (as well as other areas of Brazil and other countries in South America), offer cooking classes, and also offer special travel packages like yoga retreats, get fit trips, volunteer adventures, honeymoons, and custom made tours – Come and stay with us at our beautiful Ecolodge set high in the Atlantic rainforest with a view of where the Rio das Contas meets the sea. We have many things to offer like; a delicious buffet breakfast, organic gardens, our own coconut oil and soap, nature spa where you can get massages, exfoliation, organic facials, manual lymph drainage or steam room, delicious restaurant, nature inspired bungalows, swimming pool, birds, humming birds, monkeys, and a peaceful ambiance.
Art Jungle Eco Lodge & Spa, Hidden Pousadas Brazil Yoga, Art Jungle Eco Lodge & Spa, Hidden Pousadas Brazil

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