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Where is Portugal?

Portugal beachThere’s a reason why Spain is one of the world’s five most-popular destinations. Not only is it one of Europe’s biggest countries, it’s also one of the world’s most breathtaking in terms of natural beauty and cultural attractions. For that reason, after a tour of Portugal’s neighbor, most travelers conclude that they have seen enough of Iberia and overlook Portugal, figuring it’s just another version of Spain. Those who know Portugal know that despite the many similarities, the smaller Iberian nation has quite a different essence and temperament, not to mention its own individual character and culture. Portugal usually ranks between the world’s top 15 or 20 most-visited countries, but living in the tourism shadow of Spain means that it could actually be higher on that list. So if you’re not sure if you should visit Portugal or Spain (or both) on your next trip, here are ten reasons why you should choose Portugal now:

If you’re in the United States or anywhere in North America or South America, Portugal is the closest European country to you. If you’re in the British Isles, Portugal is the only country in mainland Europe that shares your time zone, and you’ll reach Lisbon or Porto before you reach Madrid or Barcelona. Portugal is therefore perfect if you prefer shorter flights.
Also, Portugal’s location on the Atlantic means that its coastline is quite different from Spain’s which is for the most part on the Mediterranean. Portugal’s coast is therefore a different experience, with mystical capes that includes the westernmost point in Europe, making it a unique, unforgettable experience.

Prices in Portugal are the lowest of all Western European countries, and that of course includes Spain. Even 5-star hotels in major tourism areas can be anywhere from 25% to 50% lower than in the neighbor country, and even more affordable are the restaurants which even in Lisbon can be quite inexpensive.

Spanish tapas are now a worldwide trend and Spanish paella is more famous than any Portuguese dish, but even many Spaniards will agree that Portuguese food is simply better. And we emphasize the word “simply, ” as Portuguese food stands out for its freshness and simplicity. It’s also more varied and quite frankly better prepared than the typical meat-heavy Spanish cuisine (we’re not talking about the new wave of innovative Catalan cuisine here, but the traditional Spanish food).

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