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SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Despite the economic slump faced by Brazil in 2014, domestic air transportation demand in Brazil grew by 5.7 percent last year, according to ABEAR (Brazilian Association of Airline Companies). According to the association however the growth is lower than that registered in 2013, when the expansion rate reached 6.5 percent.

Domestic air travel in Brazil grew slightly despite economic turmoil faced by country, photo by Antonio Cruz/Agencia Brasil.

“These are results which are in line with the typical seasonal variation of domestic aviation. What was different in 2014, due to the World Cup and [Presidential] elections, was that we registered a strong growth in the first and last months of the year, while in June and July numbers were stable.”

The data also shows that ASK (Available Seat Kilometers) increased only by 0.8 percent in relation to the previous year. For ABEAR President, Eduardo Sanovicz the reduction of the annual growth rhythm deserves attention, but the result remained positive. “There were more than 101 million passengers in all. That is a lot of clients, each unique and important. The rule is never to disappoint, ” said Sanovicz.

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What are some tips for a Brazilian citizen applying for a USA tourist visa? - Quora

The most important thing is to prove that you have ties with Brazil: a house or a car, a spouse, kids, a stable job or a business in Brazil. I don't think it's relevant to mention what exactly you are going to do in the US if you're applying for a tourist visa, but if you're applying for a business visa, it might help if you explain why you need to open a bank account there.
Bring your "declaração de imposto de renda" (tax papers) and all the documentation necessary to prove whatever you tell them.
I'm not a specialist, but I've been through the process a few times, and that's basically w…

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