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American Traveling to Brazil

Many beaches have strong riptides; swim only in designated areas.Many beaches have strong riptides; swim only in designated areas. (Photo: Hemera Images )

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Carnaval, the Amazon River and tropical beaches draw visitors to Brazil, the largest country in South American. While a bustling nightlife keeps visitors entertained in Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities, crime is a constant concern. The US Department of State reports that crime in Brazil has reached very high levels and is continuing to rise, especially in urban centers.


Tourists are often the targets of pick-pockets and muggers. The US Department of State reports that both robbery and “quicknapping” are common outside of banks and at ATMs. During a quicknapping, victims are kidnapped for a short time and released when their families make a payment or a payment is obtained using the victim’s ATM card. Choosing an indoor ATM can reduce the possibility of a quicknapping. Motorists may be the target of thieves when stopped at traffic lights. Some Brazilian cities allow motorists to treat red lights as stop signs during overnight hours to reduce the incidence of traffic light robberies and carjackings. Increased crime can be a problem in all tourist areas, including hotels, bars, airports and beaches. Travelers may become the victims of thieves who appear to be Good Samaritans, but actually steal cash, credit cards or other valuables while pretending to help the victim.


You can reduce the chance that you will become a victim of crime by carrying only a small amount of cash with you and leaving expensive jewelry or electronic devices in your hotel room safe or at home. Familiarizing yourself with the area you are visiting and acting confident as you walk through the streets will help prevent thieves from deciding you are a good target.

Health Risks

Travelers to Brazil should receive Hepatitis A and B vaccinations and make sure routine immunizations are up-to-date. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that malaria is present in the states of Acre, Amapa, Rondonia, Amazonas, Roraiama and Tocantins and is some parts of Mato Grosso and Para and in several cities. Using insect repellant, wearing clothing with long sleeves and pants and taking anti-malarial drugs can help reduce the chance of contracting this mosquito-borne virus. Yellow fever is also a concern in some parts of Brazil. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, yellow fever is present most states, save for a few areas along the eastern coastline. A yellow fever vaccination is recommended if you are traveling anywhere outside of major coastal cities like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Recife, and Fortaleza.

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What are some tips for a Brazilian citizen applying for a USA tourist visa? - Quora

The most important thing is to prove that you have ties with Brazil: a house or a car, a spouse, kids, a stable job or a business in Brazil. I don't think it's relevant to mention what exactly you are going to do in the US if you're applying for a tourist visa, but if you're applying for a business visa, it might help if you explain why you need to open a bank account there.
Bring your "declaração de imposto de renda" (tax papers) and all the documentation necessary to prove whatever you tell them.
I'm not a specialist, but I've been through the process a few times, and that's basically w…

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