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Standing in Solidarity – Black Lives Matter Everywhere

Rio de Janeiro
July 20 – 23, 2016

Black Lives Matter and Brazil Police Watch are going to Rio de Janeiro to stand in solidarity with activists and victims of police violence. Police in Brazil kill 8 people a day and police in Rio kill every 15 hours. According to Amnesty International police lethality has increased as police clean up for the Olympics. The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child said that the current wave of police violence in Brazil is done in order to “present a problem-free city to the world” for the Olympics.

Young black men are the primary victims: according to Amnesty International, of the 1, 275 registered homicides by police in Rio between 2010 and 2014, 99.5% were men, 79% were black and 75% were between the ages of 15-29. A culture of impunity prevails: few cases are investigated, and still fewer prosecuted.

Photo of Daunasia YanceyWe will be in Rio de Janeiro from July 20 to July 23. We conclude our trip on July 23rd, the 24th anniversary of the Candelaria Massacre when police in Rio killed 8 sleeping homeless children. While in Rio, we will meet with victims of police violence, community organizers and activists fighting state violence. We are going to affirm that Black Lives Matter Everywhere.

Who We Are

Liz Martin became an activist after a policeman murdered her nephew in Brazil. Liz is the daughter of a Worcester policeman. By joining with victims’ families in Brazil and seeking advice and support from human rights activists Liz created the campaign “Don’t Kill for Me; Safe Games for All”. Through story telling and reporting, Liz works to educate others about the high rates of police killing citizens in Brazil, considered among the highest in the world. Liz has testified on police brutality in Brazil before the U.S.Photo of John Selden Congress Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission and has spoken nationally and internationally about Brazilian police violence. After meeting the families of people killed by the police in Rio, Liz started story telling to share their stories. “I am not an expert on police violence”, Liz explains, “but I can bear witness to the devastation left behind when the state murders its citizens.”

As a Black femme lesbian, sexual health educator, strategist and organizer, Daunasia Yancey exemplifies the best of Boston. She has spent her life advocating for the vital resources that underrepresented communities need.Photo of Pamela Selden Daunasia has been organizing locally since age 13, but her passion quickly grew into a full fledged commitment while working for the Boston Alliance of LGBT Youth (BAGLY), Fenway Health and for the Boston LGBT Adolescent Social Services (GLASS). Working as a strategist, Daunasia has successfully served on the Board of Directors for both BAGLY and the National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC). Daunasia’s work has been featured in the documentary, Secret Survivors, (2012) and she has been honored with the Colin Higgins Foundation’s National Youth Courage Award (2011) and the Fenway Health Trailblazers Award (2014). Most recently, Daunasia has responded to the international call to action of the Black Lives Matter movement, organizing direct actions, community building opportunities, and leading the fight for Black liberation, in Boston and beyond. Daunasia currently works part-time at Cambridge Health Alliance as a sexual and reproductive health counselor.

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