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Experience the MAGIC of the biggest show on earth! For four days Rio de Janeiro stops and becomes a big party town. The apoteosis of this event is the Carnaval parade in the center of Rio. Beautiful customs, hot samba music and exotic people animate the party!

Rio has one of the hottest and most beautiful New Year's celebration in the world. You will be amazed by the fireworks spectacle in the beach, and will have the chance of starting a new year with the best "vibes" by offering flowers to Yemanja, the Queen of the Ocean, according to ancient Afro-Brazilian legend.

This magnificent array of waterfalls is located in Southern Brazil in the state of Paraná on the border between Argentina and Brazil. They stretch for 2.5 miles plunging 269 feet (82m) into Iguaçu River. It is one of the most beautiful natural scenarios in Brazil.

Mysterious and Alluring, the Amazon Jungle is Brazil's greatest treasure. This stunning rainforest is the home of thousands of exotic creatures and long stretches of rivers. A must trip for adventurers and the ecology-minded alike.

These are just a few of the tours we can arrange for you. There are many beautiful places in Brazil and activities for all tastes.
Contact us to find out how we make your dream trip a reality!

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