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Round trip ticket to Brazil

Google maps NVT Navegantes BRI came across a low fare ticket to Brazil on Orbitz.com when I searched for July travel deals. Rio 2016 Olympics are being held August 5-21. Lowest are around $900 round trip. There are some dates with $786 fares from Los Angeles LAX with LAN and TAM Airlines. An alternative for lower airfare is fly and pick up a separate round trip ticket to .

Or for the intrepid traveler who wants to see more of Brazil and South America than a traditional airline ticket allows, check out this $525 round trip option for a trip to Brazil in July.

Orbitz $525 Round Trip ticket to Navegantes, Brazil NVT with Avianca and GOL.

Navigantes NVT is located in a coastal fishing town of about 75, 000 residents 600 km south of Sao Paulo and 1, 000 mile southwest of Rio de Janeiro. TripAdvisor shows local beaches as four of the six . None of the reviews I saw in TripAdvisor were posted in English. This place sounds good to me already. There is an (Le Club Accorhotels) with per night rates or local hotels for about the same price and one resort with 0+ per night rates.

LAX-NVT 5 Orbitz Avianca Jul5-19If there were an Olympic event for frequent flyers, this ticket would probably not qualify for a high profile race like the 100 meter dash. This 5 round trip ticket to Navegantes, Brazil in July is one for the slow and steady flyer who prefers the endurance of a steeple chase kind of flight itinerary. My post here is not to share an incredible deal, since most flyers would run from this kind of itinerary, but I find it an interesting example of what can be packed into a cheap international ticket for someone who wants to spend a week bouncing around Colombia and Brazil.

Day 1: Avianca July 5 LAX – Bogota BOG Colombia with overnight 19.5 hour transit layover in Bogota 7:30pm to 3:00pm July 6.

Day 2: Avianca July 6 Bogota BOG – Sao Paulo GRU Brazil 3:00pm – 11:10pm with overnight 18 hour transit layover in Sao Paulo from 11pm July 6 to 5:10pm July 7.

LAX-NVT-2 5 Avianca July ramble

Day 3: GOL Depart GRU 5:05pm and Arrive 6:43pm July 7 at NVT Navegantes.

Outbound flights includes overnights in Bogota and Sao Paulo with most of day to tour.

My searches indicate minimum 7-day stay to get low return fare.

This ticket example is a two-week trip. This ticket is for the South American rambler who wants to really be entrenched in Brazil.

Return July 19

Day 1: NVT Navegantes – Rio de Janeiro GIG Depart 7:38pm on GOL for GIG airport and arrive at 9:05pm in Rio for 11 hour overnight transit layover. Depart 8am July 20 for Bogota. You can find out for yourself if Rio is a city that sleeps.

Day 2: Avianca Airlines Rio GIG – Bogota – LAX in single day.

Three overnights on a $525 international airfare is the kind of itinerary many flyers stay far away from as a travel hassle. I see this kind of ticket as a travel opportunity to briefly visit places I might never see if it were not for some quirky airline ticket I booked. Four destinations for the price of one: Bogota, Sao Paulo, Navigantes and Rio de Janeiro is a pretty cool find for the frequent flyer or casual travel who likes the chase as much as the journey.

I made a couple of fare searches during the Olympics time frame in August and they returned fares for this route around $800 round trip.

Check out Potential Miles Earned for this $525 ticket

class earns 100% miles in Aeroplan, SAS, Thai, Turkish and South Africa.

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