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Visiting the beautiful rugged coast of Portugal while in LisbonPortugal’s capital city, Lisbon, is situated along the south of the country’s west coast, and offers the visitor a good mix of museums, historic buildings, eclectic music and nightlife, and squares and cafés to watch the world go by. The Tagus River empties into the Atlantic here, and the city itself is warm and sunny for 90% of the time between June to October. I fell in love with this city when I visited. It had this old, gritty feeling that gave it tons of character. The winding streets with the locals standing on the corners, the wine – I just knew I belonged here. Lisbon is a city that is hard not to love.

Typical Costs

Hostel prices – Dorm rooms are about 10-25 EUR per night, while private rooms with a shared bath average around 50-60 EUR for a double. My favorite hostel in the city is the Goodnight Hostel (located downtown). I highly recommend it – they even have free sangria and soup!

Budget hotel prices – Prices start from 30 EUR per night for a double room (in a Pensão, for example), but closer to 50 EUR is more common. Airbnb is very big in the city and you can find a lot of inexpensive listings there.

Average cost of food – You can find snacks in bakeries for around 2 EUR, light meals and sandwiches for around 7 EUR, and fast food for around the the same price. If you want sit-down meal with drinks, you’re looking at spending closer to 18 EUR, especially in the touristy downtown area. There are many local places where you can find meals for around 14 EUR with a drink. Groceries will cost around 37 EUR for a week’s worth of food.

Transportation costs: An all-day ticket for the metro costs 4.60 EUR. Taxis are expensive and cost 25 EUR from the airport to Lisbon center. The bus is the most economical option at 1.80 EUR per ticket.

Money Saving Tips

Avoid taxis – Avoid taking a taxi while in Lisbon as they are extremely pricey. Central Lisbon is entirely walkable and for anything outside the city, take the metro. Additionally, taxis charge extra for bags and going to the airport.

Say no to bread – When eating out, a selection of breads and olives will be brought to your table before your meal. These aren’t free, so just say no!

Get the Lisbon Card – If you’re planning to visit many attractions, it’s a good idea to get a Lisbon Card which offers free or discounted entry. Prices start at 18.50 EUR and will save you more than that.

Stay at a Pensão – These family-run inns offer excellent lodgings for very little money and are a great alternative to hotels.

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