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Praia do Forte in Salvador de Bahia BrazilKnown for its sandy, white beaches, spectacular Carnival celebrations, mammoth Amazon River, and mind-boggling biodiversity, Brazil is not short of attractions to dazzle its visitors. Booking all inclusive vacations to the country can take you from the wildlife of the Pantanal wetlands to the bustling activity of Rio de Janeiro, to the roar of Iguacu Falls, to the Amazon's secluded local tribes, and lots more besides.

With opportunities to go hiking, rafting, kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling, adventure sports and outdoor enthusiasts will find a great deal of ways to keep themselves occupied. From the city in the middle of the jungle at Manaus, to the modern front of the country in Brasilia, Brazil's cities are as alluring as her countryside. Those who want to explore Brazil's rich history should head to the country's smaller towns and villages where the locals will happily fill you in on their former Portuguese rulers and the changes brought about by nearly 200 years of freedom. Whatever you do, don't disagree with them about Brazil's supremacy in the world of soccer! Sport is religion in Brazil, and even politics is a safer topic to debate.

As the largest country in South America, planning vacations to Brazil can be a daunting task. You can take some of the hassle out of your holiday plans by booking all inclusive packages that bundle your hotels and flights and get you great discounts along the way. All you have to do is choose the destinations, and trust the experts to do the rest.

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I am planning a trip to Brazil. While I will be spending most of my time in Rio de Janeiro, I also want to visit Foz de Iguacu. What is the best way to get there from Rio? Where are some relatively inexpensive places to stay? - Quora

It's really difficult to recommend hotels based on what you consider inexpensive. Therefore I recommend some popular websites in Brazil so that you can check airplane tickets, hotels and more.
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