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Tucked inside the tropical town of Trancoso, Bahia, Cooper felt an almost instant connection to the off-the-grid spot, which he first visited with partner Benjamin Maisani and friend Andy Cohen.

“Within a day I was fantasizing about buying a house there. Ben thought I’d lost my mind, and Andy, who is encouraging about almost everything, thought I was nuts, too, ” Cooper, 49, said in the August issue of Architectural Digest. “I’ve worked in 70 countries and traveled to even more, and I’ve never seen anything like Trancoso.”

Cooper wanted to naturally integrate himself into the customs and lifestyle of the town, so he enlisted the help of Wilbert Das, the former Creative Director for Diesel and a local real estate expert, to help find the perfect place to call home (or “Casa Cooper, ” as the locals say).

And did he ever. The four-building compound has one structure with a family room, dining room, kitchen and veranda; two others that serve as guest houses; and the final master suite — that also happens to be a tree house — with an outdoor living room, bar and pool.

Although the CNN anchor hasn’t shed his city life in exchange for the laid-back Brazilian lifestyle full-time, it still serves as a release valve for the pressures of his his hectic schedule.

“Just knowing that my house exists makes me happy, ” Cooper says

For the full details of Cooper’s Brazilian home, pick up the August issue of Architectural Digest, on newsstands now.

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