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Top Hotels in Brazil

By guest blogger Sacha Harrison

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Brazil is the antidote to the cliché fly and flop honeymoon. From sleek hotels and stylish beach lifestyle, to countryside fazendas and barefoot beach bliss, the country is a cocktail that shakes and stirs the senses making a trip here exciting at every turn. That is of course if you know where to go. The sheer size of Brazil may have you in a tailspin when thinking about where to begin, but the silver lining is that you can sit back and leave the hard work to the experts. We've handpicked the properties that offer a seamless journey within this jaw‐ dropping country of contrasts. What can we say? We revel in a challenge. The Olympics may be over but in the long run Brazil raises the bar.

The Fasano, Rio

Villa BahiaIf you're still reeling from the wedding then Rio de Janeiro is the city to keep your senses alive and kicking. It's also an ideal starting point whilst you still have remnants of a wedding diet. The Carioca body is no joke with lean bronzed figures adorned with barely there bikinis, most of which you can see at the Fasano Rio reclining by the rooftop pool alongside celebrities such as Cara Delevigne, Will Smith or Rihanna.

Reserva Do Ibitipoca

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I am planning a trip to Brazil. While I will be spending most of my time in Rio de Janeiro, I also want to visit Foz de Iguacu. What is the best way to get there from Rio? Where are some relatively inexpensive places to stay? - Quora

It's really difficult to recommend hotels based on what you consider inexpensive. Therefore I recommend some popular websites in Brazil so that you can check airplane tickets, hotels and more.
Trivago -

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