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Visa Needed for Brazil

Rio Olympics Travel VisaGood news for US travelers going to the 2016 Rio Olympics in August; Brazil has waived the visa requirement for trips up to 90 days. This bold move allowing free travel is contra the trend coming from Brasília for decades. Opening up tourism without a visa will give the Olympic games a boost in patronage, and the country a boost in tourism that will spur their entire economy. Despite the best efforts of Brazilian officials to nibble the economy to death like puckish piranha.

Brazil has layers of bureaucracy and regulations that affect all parts of their government and economy. Sanctions, tariffs, embargoes, and red tape flowing like red tape grows abundantly in their warm climate. It is like Brazil is in a trade war with the planet, including itself. Traditionally, travel to Brazil was an opportunity for Visawolf to expedite the complex Brazillian visa process for our clients. This unique visa waiver is a great opportunity to see the country and the games.

The visa waiver for the Rio Games applies only for tourists, and only between June 1 and September 18, 2016. Then it is back to visas required for all. If you plan on staying longer, arriving earlier, or doing business while down there, you will need a visa per usual. As a bonus, the visa waiver for the summer games not only applies to U.S. passport holders, but to citizens of Japan, Canada, and Australia.

The 2016 Olympics are in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, August 5-21, 2016. The Paralympics follow in Semptember.

Book early, as the optimal hotels for price, comfort, and venue access will fill up earliest. Prices are on the rise already, and could top $1000 a night, with a minimum stay of several days. Be sure to confirm your reservations before you depart for Brazil.

Tickets to the Olympic Games are available to Americans exclusively through official vendor CoSport. Many of the most popular events are sold out, or have only limited ticket availability. Beach volleyball is sold out, but indoor team volleyball is wide open. Events like Golf with large spectator capacity are available for $25, while popular indoor events start at $175 per ticket. There are packages that include hotel and event tickets at CoSport, that start at $5, 000 per person.

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