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Visa on arrival Brazil

Most nationalities will need a visa to work and live in Brazil

Tourist/visitor's visas for Brazil

Brazil has a reciprocal visa system, meaning that if Brazilians are required to secure a visa to visit a country then nationals of that country require a visa to visit Brazil. Thus, nationals of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand require a visa to enter Brazil, while British, South African and most EU nationals do not. Visa fees are also reciprocal.

Visitor’s visas or tourist visas are usually valid for three months (90 days). Immigration authorities tend to check for a valid onward ticket and a bank statement showing that visitors have sufficient funds for the duration of their time in Brazil.

Business visas for Brazil

Business travellers to Brazil are required to apply for a short-stay business visa, which entitles them to travel to Brazil on business, for conferences and trade fairs. The requirements for a business visa are the same as those for a tourist visa, with the additional requirement of an official letter from the applicant's company addressed to the relevant Brazilian mission, stating their business in Brazil, their arrival and departure dates and their contact details. Business visas are usually given for a period of up to three months.

Permanent visas for Brazil

Foreigners wishing to live in Brazil can apply for a permanent visa. This type of visa is offered to those who are married to Brazilian citizens, various high-level business people, research specialists, and those who wish to retire in Brazil. Companies need to invest a great deal into the Brazilian economy or a Brazil-based company in order for a permanent visa to be granted to one of their employees.

Expats over 50 years old are able to get a permanent visa in order to retire in Brazil, but they are required to prove that they will transfer a certain amount per month to their Brazilian bank account.

Expats who can speak Portuguese and who invest a particular amount into a Brazilian company are able to get a permanent visa valid for five years. After this period, the permanent visa can be renewed provided the applicant has created employment for a minimum of 10 Brazilian citizens.

The requirements for a permanent visa for Brazil are quite stringent and expats wishing to apply for this visa should prepare themselves for a long wait filled with bureaucratic processes and much paperwork.

Anyone staying in Brazil for more than three months must get an Identity Card by registering with the Federal Police, a Work Card from the Labour Department and a Tax Identification Card from the Ministry of Finance.

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